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Library offers the following Services to its readers,

Research Library Services

The Library's Research reference section is located in the first floor. It consists of Back volume of Journals, Theses, Encyclopaedias, and other reference books in the domain of teacher education. The accesses Shodhganga web portal have enabled in collaboration with INFLIBNET Faculty members, Research Scholars and M.Ed. students can avail researchlibrary services. Research Library services can also be extended to research scholars and faculty members from other institutions for reference purpose only. Outside Research scholars and faculty members who wish to avail reference services will produce appropriate id card and permission letter from heads of the institution.

Reading Services

The University library has a well-equipped reading room with seating capacity of 75 users. Users can access Web-based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) anywhere in the campus through Intranet. The reference, periodical and current awareness sections also function from room for reader's convenience.

Circulation Services

The book borrowing facility is available for the faculty members, current students and staff members of the college. Student can borrow at most three books and faculty members can borrow at most Six books depending on the availability of the same in the library, which are further renewable at most once in 15 days if there is no reservation for that book.

Digital Library Service

Digital Library Service is accessible to Students and research scholars of this university. It provides links to thousands of e-journals, e-books, e-theses, e-learning materials, and e-contents for subjects, etc. Plagiarism check services is offered to faculty and research scholars of this University.