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Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University Alumni Association (TNTEUAA), Karapakkam, Chennai is registered under section 10of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 and its registration number is SRG/Chennai South/428/2021.


  • Caters to the educationally backward
  • Ministers to Women empowerment
  • Brings out Students' latent talents
  • Brightens up career avenues
  • Shapes up a new generation
  • Strives for total excellence

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association shall be:

3.1. Bring the old students of Tamil Nadu Teaches Education University, Chennai-97 under one forum for exchange of experience, dissemination of knowledge and talents amongst its members and also for the furtherance of fellowship, advancement of scientific knowledge in general of the members of the Association and country.

3.2 To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, endowment lectures and other academic activities and also to keep in touch with one another of the University faculty, non-teaching staff and students.

3.3 To create and establish Alumni endowments for granting scholarships, prizes and medals to the students showing high proficiency in their studies and honour former students of the University.

3.4 To advise and interact with State and Central Government Bodies, Universities and Associations of other academic institutions on matters relating to promotion of higher education, training and management systems and thereby promote the welfare and status of the University.

3.5. To collect funds by subscriptions, contributions, donations and gifts from members, non-members, Governments, Universities and other institutions and philanthropists for furtherance of the above objectives.

3.6. To render financial aid to deserving poor students studying at the University.

3.7. To render financial aid to deserving alumni in cases of extreme compassionate circumstances.

3.8. To bring out magazines, souvenirs and newsletters highlighting the activities of the University and its Alumni

3.9. To organize cultural and educational programmes and also to conduct Alumni Day celebrations every year.

3.10. To help the Alumni to get advice from the University on various technical problems and job opportunities that they may come across in their work and real life.

3.11. To carry out such other activities as may be necessary for furthering the above aims and objectives.


TNTEUAA is flourished its wing in each departments alumni are registered as member and five programmes are organised to explore the views and experiences of the alumni. TNTEU also encouraged all the departments to organise annual alumni meeting to get the feedback for the betterment of the teaching, learning and research activities.